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Race for the Cure


*$2,150,000 for the family of a husband and wife who were seriously injured in a bus accident. The wife died three hours after the accident. The husband, who was paralyzed as a result of the accident, died nine months later.

*$1,500,000 for five people, three of whom received serious physical injuries in a bus accident in Canada; the other two people had derivative claims as spouses.

*$1,400,000 for a physician, husband and father of three who nearly died from an undiagnosed multiple drug resistant tuberculosis.

*$1,000,000 for the death of a young father of two who committed suicide after he was discharged prematurely from a psychiatric hospital and when, after his discharge, suicidal signs were ignored by his psychiatrist.

*$750,000 for the family of a mother of three whose car was struck by two vehicles which were racing down a road in Long Island.

*$750,000 for a young woman who was incorrectly diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent an unnecessary mastectomy.

*$600,000 for a man who received a neck fracture when the car he was driving was struck by a police car which went through a red light.

*$600,000 for a 70 year old woman who received an arm fracture and a head injury in a car accident.


*$510,000 combined for three older women who were passengers in a car which was struck by a taxi.

*$500,000 for a nurse who was stuck with an HIV infected needle while drawing blood from a patient.

*$420,000 in a disability insurance action for an owner of a painting company who was no longer able to work at his job.

*$375,000 for a young man who was struck by an ambulance after he fell into the street while unloading air conditioners from a truck.

*$375,000 for a young woman who was a passenger in a car which collided with another car in Queens.

*$330,000 for a young woman who was a passenger in a vehicle which was struck by a rental vehicle owned by Hertz and driven by a customer who then left the scene of the accident.

*$250,000 for a man who was incorrectly told by a doctor that he was HIV positive and believed this until the doctor told him 2 years later that he was mistaken.

$250,000 for the family of a 64 year old woman who died in a hospital after having knee surgery.

*$175,000 for the death of a young woman who took an overdose of pills and was not brought to the closest emergency hospital.

*$137,500 for a mother and her two little daughters who were injured by a car which mounted the sidewalk where they were walking.

*$150,000 for a man who slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk while walking to work and sustained a leg fracture.

*$140,000 for a mother and daughter who were injured in a one car rollover accident.

*$110,000 for a woman who lost many of her teeth as a result of poor dental care.

*$100,000 for a young boy who was struck on the head and seriously injured by his 6 year old school friend, who was using his father’s golf club’s with the father’s knowledge.

*$82,500 for a woman who slipped on a wet jet way at the airport and sustained a knee injury.

*$70,000 for a woman who tripped and fell over bolts which had been left in the sidewalk by the U.S. Postal Service after they removed a mailbox.

*$67,800 for a young woman who nearly lost her big toe when a truck ran over a large steel plate in the road and the plate bounced up and fell onto her foot.

*$50,000 for a young man who had a beer bottle explode in his face.




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